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Welcome to the site of an erotic romance author but remember L. A. Day's are always HOT!

Step into my world, where paranormal and sci-fi are the norm. However, an occasional contemporary sneaks in. Whatever the genre, it's always erotic and you'll always find an alpha male or two. 

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  Remember, Alpha Males are only a 'Day' away!
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L.A. Day has penned a wonderful futuristic love story with Companion Operation.- Two Lips Reviews


If you want a scintillating read like nothing before, then you need to read Never Tease a Wolf. This is one I won't forget. - Whipped Cream Review

How long has it been since a story had you laughing out loud at hysterically funny scenes? And how long since a story that made you laugh also made you suck in your breath and practice your Kegels during the amazingly sensuous sex scenes? Toss a few unexpected surprises into that mix and you have Never Tease A Wolf! by L.A. Day. This is a fabulous, flirty, funny and sexy read. - The Black Ravens Reviews

L.A. Day's latest release, Made For Me is a fantastically intriguing and highly erotic short story that will leave you hungry for more. Night Owl Reviews Top Pick

Made for Me begins hot and gets more erotic as the pages turn until the love shines through. - Joyfully Reviewed